What Getting Kinky is All About ?

Kink or kinky sex refers to a vast range of sexual practices considered outside of what society deems as “normal”. In the realm of kink “normal” sex is also called “vanilla”. Kink is a way people can reignite and spice up their sex life with activities like: bondage, role playing, spanking, cross-dressing, food play, or even tickling. And sometimes sex can be put on the back burner because of an injury, health concerns, sickness, pregnancy, or just the simple fact of aging.

What is kink to one
X Love Cams person could possibly be seen as vanilla to another. The possibilities of potential kink are endless. You can find any range of kinky sex toys to expand your sexual horizons. It’s important to take time to explore what turns you and your partner on while playing safely. Discuss what taking it to another level would do to excite you. And remember, as with any new sexual adventure communicating with your partner is the most important of making it satisfying for both of you.
Getting Kinky for the First Time

As mentioned above kink can have a broad definition depending how sexually experimental you’ve been in the past. Adam and Eve encourages sexually active adults to discover new pleasures whether you’re adding sex toys to the mix or experimenting with role playing with fantasy wear. Here are some simple ways to get started with a kinky new sex life.

Paddling: Paddles come in a variety of styles, most are made of leather and many have a hard side and soft side. The soft side may be covered in faux fur, velvet or some other sensual material so after you’ve spanked your lover’s bottom you can reward them with the soothing and erotic feel of something soft on their stinging behind. Imagine one day you come home from work to find a note on the fridge to come to the bedroom, you find your partner’s ass up in the air and a paddle on the bed wanting to be paddled. You’ve talked about paddling and the surprise of this kinky scenario turns you on. You fulfill your partner’s desire for a kinky paddling session. It helps your partner to have their sexual fantasies in a new and exciting way for them. In turn they feel like performing better sexually for you.

Blindfolding: Having your eyes covered during sex or sexual play is incredibly erotic and is a way of showing your lover how much you trust them. The idea of not knowing when the contact is going to start up just drives you crazy with anticipation. Some may see this at not being kinky at all, but to some this may send them to the moon. You may express a yearning to have your toes sucked, your ribs bitten at, or your feet tickled while being blindfolded. They may want to explore blindfolding extensively using different types of blindfolds; silk scarves (which double for bondage as well), quilted sleep masks maybe even leather eye covers.

Bondage or Restraints: Restraining or being restrained is a simple form of
streamate dominant/submissive sexual behavior where one sex partner is bound either to themselves (wrists tied together) or to a piece of furniture. It’s amazingly sensuous and pleasurable to be tied to your bed frame while your lover “has their way with you”.

Sex Swings and Slings: sex swing sex toys not only add a little kink to your sex life but also help you achieve new positions, deeper penetration and aide in sex after an injury. Imagine being suspended in the air while your lover teases and titillates your and pleasant sensation upon penetration. Gets your juices flowing doesn’t it? There are a variety of models to choose to from that range from very simple to advanced.
Advanced Kink

A more advanced form of kink is the (dom/sub) scenario. One partner wants to be dominate while the other submissive. They play with safe words that start and stop their kinky exploration. A wife may want her husband to try on her bra and panties. A husband may want his wife to take control and tie him up to the bed while getting him to lick her sexy new stilettos she bought earlier that day. It is argued that all the power truly lies in the hands of the sub. This power struggle is sometimes considered the ultimate expression of kink.

Hopefully the kinky scenarios and different kinds of LiveJasmin kinky sex we have talked about will give you a jumping point to begin exploring new sexual pleasures. It is perfectly ok to go slow and to take your time while introducing new kinky aspects you want to explore. Start with something as simple as introducing a new sex toy, a vibrator, or even a new lube that you wouldn’t normally use. Some would even say buying from Adam and Eve is a kinky act. Whatever you do make sure your sex partner is game and that you discuss it with each other. Educate yourself, communicate and play safe!